icfar: SCA2

LOCATION: Foggia, Italy (41° 26' N, 15° 30' E, 90 m above sea level) - See map
RU: Consiglio per la Ricerca e la sperimentazione in Agricoltura – Unità di di ricerca per i sistemi colturali degli ambienti caldo-aridi (CRA-SCA)
START-END YEARS: 1990 – on going
CROP TYPE: Durum winter wheat and other crops (mainly grain legumes)
FACTORS: Crop rotation (one-year vs. two-year rotation), tillage, residue management (burning vs. incorporation based on different time of nitrogen fertilization).
DESCRIPTION: Two-year rotation of winter wheat and other crops (mainly grain legumes) since 1990 submitted to two tillages (conventional and minimum) and 4 treatments of crop residues management (burning and incorporation with of nitrogen on crop residues and on dressing). The data set includes yield data and its components, phenology, growth analysis (several years), complete daily climate data-set since 1950, soil water content, soil chemical and physical parameters.


SITE MANAGER CONTACT: Domenico Ventrella, email: domenico.ventrella@entecra.it;

Borrelli L., Colecchia S., Troccoli A., Caradonna S., Papini R., Ventrella D. , Dell’Abate M.T., Galeffi C., Tomasoni C., Farina R. 2011. Effectiveness of the GAEC standard of cross compliance crop rotations in maintaining organic matter levels in soils. Italian Journal of Agronomy, 6(s1), e8, 57-62.

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