icfar: AN1

LOCATION: Agugliano, Ancona, Italy (43°32'17.26"N;  13°22'5.37"E )- See map
RU: Università Politecnica delle MARCHE - Dipartimento di SCIENZE AGRARIE, ALIMENTARI ED AMBIENTALI (D3A)
START-END YEARS: 1993 – on going
CROP TYPE: Durum wheat, maize (sunflower until 2001)
FACTORS: tillage x N fertilization 
Biennal rotation of wheat and maize (same variety over time) with both crops grown every year on adjacent fields.
Tillage factors: no tillage; mouldboard plough; non inversion tillage.
 N fertilization: N0, N90, N180
Experimental design: split plot design with 4 replicates (2 reps for each crop every year) with tillage arranged in the main plots (18x80m2) and fertilization in subplots (6x80m2).
Crop residues are not harvested. Weed control under no tillage is integrated with Glyphosate(R) and crop residue chopping prior to seeding.

SITE MANAGER CONTACT: Roberto Orsini, email: r.orsini@univpm.it
Pastorelli Roberta, Vignozzi Nadia, Landi Silvia, Piccolo Raimondo, Orsini Roberto, Seddaiu Giovanna, Roggero Pier Paolo, Pagliai Marcello (2013). Consequences on macroporosity and bacterial diversity of adopting a no-tillage farming system in a clayish soil of Central Italy. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 66, 78-93. doi: 10.1016/j.soilbio.2013.06.015
De Sanctis G, Roggero PP, Seddaiu G, Orsini R, Porter CH, Jones JW 2012. Long term no tillage increased soil organic carbon content of rain-fed cereal systems in a Mediterranean area. European Journal of Agronomy 40:18-27.
Farina R, Seddaiu G, Orsini R, Roggero PP, Francaviglia R, 2011. Soil carbon dynamics and crop productivity as influenced by climate change in a rainfed cereal system under contrasting tillage using EPIC. Soil & Tillage Research 112:36-46

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