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20-22 september, 2016: the XLV National Congress of the Italian Society of Agronomy (SIA)

From 20 to 22 September 2016 the XLV National Congress of the Italian Society of Agronomy (SIA) will be held at the Department of Agricultural Sciences of University of Sassari
Link: http://www.siagr.it

15-17 March 2016: iCROPM2016, Berlin, Germany

MACSUR and AgMIP jointly presented the International Crop Modelling Symposium "Crop Modelling for Agriculture and Food Security under Global Change". Read more..

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ICFAR: Llnking Long Term Observatories with Crop Systems Modeling For a better understanding of Climate Change Impact and Adaptation StRategies for Italian Cropping Systems

The aim of ICFAR is to enhance the knowledge about the expected climate change impacts on Italian cropping systems with particular attention to the assessment of uncertainties and to the development of adaptation strategies in different environmental conditions.

ICFAR will analyse the components of uncertainty by applying  mathematical models calibrated with robust datasets from Long Term field Experiments (LTEs) that will be updated, validated and used to check the long term impacts of agronomic management practices on crop yield, water, C and N cycles.A special attention will be given to the dissemination of results and to the training and education of young researchers.

ICFAR Scientific Coordinator: Pier Paolo Roggero – University of Sassari, Department of Agricultural Sciences
Type of Grant: MIUR- PRIN  2010

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